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May 30, 2012 5:00pm PDT
of america does the same. 10 of the largest banks in the united states were surveyed for this study. >> the state assembly approved a bill providing $1 billion in aid for middle class college students. funding has yet to pass. it would cut tuition at cal state campuses by $3700 a year and far family was incomes below $150,000 a year, money coming from changing the formula for taxing out of state companies doing business here, but funding measure hasn't been he debated yet and faces stiff competition from republicans. >> and how big of a tip to you believe your favorite waitor? how about 18,500%? it happened. greg rubar has been a waiter 16 years, saturday, two of his regulars gave him the shock of his life. >> he said we're going to throw something in but not going to tip you for a while. this is for you. and go buy a nice car. >> the couple knew greg lost his car in a storm several weeks ago, wanting to help finishing their $27 lunch and handed him an envelope with 5,000s ndz cash. how nice is that? >> really nice un believable. >> and thank you. >> and let's turn our attention to
May 28, 2012 5:00pm PDT
hurt or killed in that enemy attack. >> on memorial day, a mum o of -- number of contribute united states saluting american who's gave their lives serving our country. a kc 10 from travis air force base flew over 300 people in the oldest military cemetery on the west coast. >> and i'm lucky. i have felt that i was fully supported. my dad served years ago and returned from his deployment, he had a harder time coming in. >> and in vallejo a moving tribute drew veterans and families to where three honor of medal are buried. >> members were honored at golden gate national cemetery. and there is a 40 years ago, vietnam veterans were being shunned by other communities. and also included a member of the tuskeegee airmen. >> a promise for mechl's vets. >> we'll make sure you and your loved ones received benefits you've earned and respect you deserve. >> words many hope he will deliver on. there is a story of a sug frel -- struggle for services and how the government delivered. >> this 93-year-old was at the meeting last monday with hundreds of other veterans. and this is to help them get t
May 23, 2012 5:00pm PDT
between low pressure over southwest yerp united states and high pressure over pacific. difference between the two is creating winds. there is a cold low pressure system going to drop down and this is going to bring in possibility of hours. -- showers, computer animation, you notice showers and snow into southern california mountains. snow into sierra friday afternoon. you can see it here. and as this low tracks south, we're going to see possibility of hours here in the bay area. and perhaps a couple hundredths of an inch. we'll put in a possibility. so i hope you know where umbrellas are, morning breezy again, temperatures into 50s and upper 0s into santa rosa and napa. 48 in santa cruz. winds not expected to drop off. we'll see breezy conditions. tomorrow afternoon, it's a windy and cooler day for you. fairfield 81 degrees for you today. tomorrow, 75 degrees. 72 santa rosa. there is san francisco, 61. northwestern winds, 20, 30. 57 in half moon bai. peninsula, mid-60s and oakland 67. there is 76 in antioch and san jose, 68 degrees and temperatures lower than where you should be at this t
May 18, 2012 5:00pm PDT
the imported shrimp contained illegal cancer causing antibiotics that are banned in the united states. coming up tonight on world news at 5:30 what the fda is doing about this problem and what you need to look out for next time you buy shrimp. >> one action group called save california is running a media campaign against harvey mic day. >> your boys and girls being targeted for immoral indoctrination at school on harvey mic day. >> save california is urging parents to keep kids home on tuesday. many school districts dedicate some of the day to gay rights pioneer. but safe california says students should not be forced to participate without written consent. it's the second year california held a day honoring harvey mic. -- milk. >> and the fastest growing population in the count story made up of asians and pacific islanders. there is some bay area trailblazers talking about the issues facing this growing community. chef lee talks about food and science. >> there are opportunities as chefs now that chefs from a previous generation didn't have. and it's to interact and work to fin
May 20, 2012 5:00pm PDT
people of the united states. the gratitude of the afghan people for the support that your taxpayer money has benefited is over the past decade. >> nato allies are looking for $4 billion in pledges a year to support afghanistan of the war. the summit runs through tomorrow. >> ama: pakistan's government says it blocked the use of twitter there after the company refused to remove tweets that are offensive to islam. the service went offline in pakistan yesterday. pakistan's top communications officials are saying it made the decision after tweets promoted a facebook competition that called on youers to post images of the prophet muhammad. muslims frown on it because they don't want the prove photo be idolizees. the country restored the ban. >> alan: thousands are expected to turn their eyes to the sky to watch a solar eclipse known as the ring of fire, when the sun will appear as a thin ring behind the moon. it should begin at 5:15 but the prime viewing time is 6:30. the chabot science center is hosting a viewing party. the last ring of fire eclipse was in 1994. >> nasdaq apologizes to
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5